Electric and control services

16 Tsahal Str., Ashkelon, 78598, Israel                           Tel: +972 8 6750850;   Fax: +972 8 6750950                              Email: nedivi@nedivi.co.il

The company Nedivi Idan Or (1994) Ltd under the executive management of Mr. Oved Nedivi, was established as a continuance of the Nedivi Idan Or, the partnership that existed since 1978.
The company performs the wide scope of projects in the field of electrics engineering and infrastructure, which suggests the power of professional experience and skills, which ensures ability of execution of jobs on the highest professional level.
During its long history the company has gained extensive experience in the field of its professional activities, which grants the company admittance as one of the industry leaders.
The company is certified according to the following classifications:

S/N Classification Description Group Type Government contractor jobs grade
1 160 Electrical engineering A 3 3
 2 200 Road infrastructure and development C 1 1
 3 240 Laying of Communication lines A 3 3
 4 250 Laying of power lines A 3 3
 5 270 Roads and streets lighting A 5 5
 6 280 Mounting of traffic lights A 3 3

The company is ISO compliant, possessing ISO 9001/2000
The company has about 50 employees, including electrical engineers, qualified foremen, electricians, hoistmen, infrastructure workers, management and services staff.
Every employee possess extensive experience in the corresponding field
The management, Logistic and engineering center is located in Ashkelon. The company has at its disposal the dedicated vehicles fleet, mechanical and heavy duty equipment necessary for execution large scale and small scale projects nationwide.
The company is able to perform work anywhere any time in order to execute every project in the best possible way and in compliance with the time table.